Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes

Defining the System Folders for Communications Express

Next, the system folders for Communications Express need to be defined. The i18n.js file defines the system folder names for Communications Express. This file is located in the /var/opt/SUNWmsgsr/config/html/ lang directory, where lang is the specific localized language (for example fr for French). This file needs to be modified so that the mapping entries are similar to the entries in the file.

For example, by default folder mappings in the French i18n.js file are:

i18n[’INBOX’] = ’Inbox’
i18n[’trash folder’] = ’trash’
i18n[’draft folder’] = ’draft’
i18n[’sent folder’] = ’sent’
fldr[’INBOX’] = ’French Inbox’
fldr[’trash’] = ’French Trash’
fldr[’draft folder’] = ’French Draft Folder’
fldr[’sent folder’] = ’French Sent Folder’

The values for i18n[x ] are used to create system folders in the IMAP store. For example, if i18n[’trash folder’]= ’trash’, then a folder with folder name trash will be created in the IMAP store. The values for fldr[y] are used for displaying the system folder names in the client interface.

In the file, the similar folder mappings are:

INBOX=’Boîte de réception’
Deleted Items=’Éléments supprimés’
Sent Items =’Éléments envoyés’

So, the French i18n.js folder mappings should be modified to match the file:

i18n[’INBOX’] = ’Boîte de réception’
i18n[’trash folder’] = ’Éléments supprimés’i18n[’draft folder’] = ’Brouillons’
i18n[’sent folder’] = ’Éléments envoyés’
fldr[’INBOX’] = ’Boîte de réception’
fldr[’trash’] = ’Éléments supprimés’
fldr[’Drafts’] = ’Brouillons’
fldr[’Sent’] = ’Éléments envoyés’

You will need to modify each language represented by a i18n.js file.

Note –

Because the i18n.js files are written in UTF8 code, you will need to use and editor that will preserve the UTF8 code.

This new folder mapping definition is only effective for new users.

Before users log into Communications Express, the users' preferred language needs to be set. To do this, set the preferredLanguage or preferredLocale attribute using the ldapmodify command.

New users should see only one set of system folders, except in the following case:

A user logs into Outlook with the locale set to French. Later, the same user logs into Communications Express with the preferred language set to English. This user sees system folders trash, draft, sent, Éléments supprimés, Brouillons, and Éléments envoyés in both Outlook and Communications Express.