Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes


The following issues relate the mail portion of Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook only:

Saving attached files inside a forwarded message. (4946488)

When an attachment is received as part of a forwarded message, the attachment cannot be saved after double-clicking on the attachment. To save the attachment, right-click on the attachment, then chose “Save As.”

If a user’s mailbox contains over 16,000 messages in the inbox, Outlook does not download all messages. (5099436)

The “Large Table” support flag must be manually set. To do this:

  1. Open the Folders Properties dialog by right-clicking on “Folders - your user name” and select Properties for “Folders - your user name.”

  2. In the Folder Properties dialog, click Advanced...

  3. Select the Advanced tab in the Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook dialog.

  4. Click the Personal Folders button and check the box next to “Allow upgrade to large tables” in the Personal Folders dialog.

  5. Click OK to all open dialogs and restart Outlook.

Cannot move a message resulting from a search to another folder. (6227085)

In Outlook XP, if a user searches for a message and then attempts to move a message resulting from that search to another folder, an error occurs.

Outlook 2003 Junk Mail Filter does not work. (6312677)

The “Junk Email” feature available in Outlook 2003 (select Tools->Option) does not function with Connector for Microsoft Outlook. Senders that are set to be filtered using this tool are not filtered. As a workaround, use the Tools->Mail Filter option.