Sun Java System Communications Services 2005Q4 Release Notes


This section describes errors or incomplete information in the Delegated Administrator books and online help.

Available Languages list in the User Properties page is not described in the Delegated Administrator console online help. (6307846)

The Available Languages drop-down list allows you to select a language for a language-tagged user name.

From the Available Languages list, select the desired language for the user name. (The Available Languages list is displayed alongside the First Name, Last Name, and Display Name fields.)

Next, enter the first name, last name, and click Save . This enters a language-tagged first name, last name, and common name to the LDAP entry.

For example, if you select German from the Available Languages list, enter Gerard as the first name, and Schroeder as the last name, the following attributes are added to the user's LDAP entry:

cn;lang-de:Gerard Schroeder

Applications that are locale—aware will display this cn if the user's chosen language is German.

The Default option in the Available Languages list corresponds to the mandatory, untagged givenname, sn, and cn attributes.

For a shared organization, Calendar Service Details do not appear in the Create New Organization wizard; this information is not explained in the online help. (6295181)

When you create a shared organization in the Delegated Administrator console, the Calendar Service Details panel does not appear in the Create New Organization wizard. Furthermore, after the shared organization is created, Calendar Service Details do not appear in the shared organization's Properties page.

This is because, when you create a shared organization, the Calendar service attributes are inherited from the shared parent domain. Therefore, you cannot create or display Calendar service information that is unique to the new shared organization.

Only the Top-Level Administrator has the authority to edit the parent domain.

The Delegated Administrator console online help does not explain this behavior.