Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Release Notes

Win2003 only: Non-paged pool leak memory, breaking tcp stack and richaccess test (6575349)


(Windows 2003 only) There are memory leaks on Windows 2003 systems when performing rich access functions. The problem occurs because the Win32 nonpaged pool keeps growing, eventually bringing down the entire TCP/IP stack. Once the failure happens, the TCP/IP stack is left in an recoverable state, and the only way restore it is by rebooting the Windows 2003 system.


There are two workarounds to this issue.

  1. Use Grizzly blocking mode by configuring the domain.xml http-listener attribute, blocking-enabled="true" or add the following http-listener property:

    <property name="blocking" value="true"/>
  2. Use Windows Vista or Windows XP.