Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Release Notes

AS 9.1 IFR: Web UI Authentication Broken (6569813)


After an Application Server upgrade, the <jsp:forward> tag does not work as expected in Authenticate.jsp. The <jsp:forward> call produces an error in the server logs and a blank page is shown on the WebUI. The problem is that <jsp:forward> in Authenticate.jsp requires a page attribute like <jsp:forward page="${redirectPage}"/>, but the value being passed is a relative path like /registry/thin/{pagename}.jsp, which does not work even Authenticate.jsp is a pure JSP page.


After completing the Application Server upgrade, use the asadmin tool to run the following commands to set the <auth-realm> in domain.xml:

  1. Go to <appserver9.1-install-dir>/bin and run the following command:

    ./asadmin delete-auth-realm --host localhost --port 6489 certificate

    This removes the old auth-realm certificate, if one exists.

  2. Run the following command:

    ./asadmin create-auth-realm --terse=false --echo=true --interactive=true \
    --user admin --host localhost --port 6489 --classname \ \
    --property assign-groups=have.client.cert  certificate

    This creates the new <auth-realm> with the assign-groups property.

  3. Stop and restart the Application Server registry domain.