The Java EE 5 Tutorial

Adding the view and form Tags

All JavaServer Faces pages are represented by a tree of components, called a view. The view tag represents the root of the view. All JavaServer Faces component tags must be inside of a view tag, which is defined in the core tag library.

The form tag represents an input form component, which allows the user to input some data and submit it to the server, usually by clicking a button. All UI component tags that represent editable components (such as text fields and menus) must be nested inside the form tag. In the case of the greeting.jsp page, some of the tags contained in the form are outputText, inputText, commandButton, and message. You can specify an ID for the form tag. This ID maps to the associated form UI component on the server.

With the view and form tags added, our page looks like this (minus the HTML and HEAD tags):

<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="h" %>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="f" %>
    <h:form id="helloForm1">