The Java EE 5 Tutorial

UISelectItem Properties

A UISelectItem component represents one value in a set of values in a UISelectMany or UISelectOne component. The backing bean property that a UISelectItem component is bound to must be of type SelectItem. A SelectItem object is composed of an Object representing the value, along with two Strings representing the label and description of the SelectItem object.

The Duke’s Bookstore application does not use any UISelectItem components whose values are bound to backing beans. The example selectOneMenu tag from Displaying a Menu Using the selectOneMenu Tag contains selectItem tags that set the values of the list of items in the page. Here is an example bean property that can set the values for this list in the bean:

SelectItem itemOne = null;

SelectItem getItemOne(){
    return itemOne;


void setItemOne(SelectItem item) {
    itemOne = item;