The Java EE 5 Tutorial

Returning the Order Confirmation

ConfirmationServlet creates the confirmation message that is returned to the call method that is invoked in OrderRequest. It is very similar to the code in PriceListServlet except that instead of building a price list, its onMessage method builds a confirmation containing the order number and shipping date.

The onMessage method for this servlet uses the SOAPMessage object passed to it by the doPost method to get the order number sent in OrderRequest. Then it builds a confirmation message containing the order ID and shipping date. The shipping date is calculated as today’s date plus two days.

public SOAPMessage onMessage(SOAPMessage message) {"onMessage");    
    SOAPMessage confirmation = null;

    try {

        // Retrieve orderID from message received
        SOAPBody sentSB = message.getSOAPBody();
        Iterator sentIt = sentSB.getChildElements();
        SOAPBodyElement sentSBE = (SOAPBodyElement);
        Iterator sentIt2 = sentSBE.getChildElements();
        SOAPElement sentSE = (SOAPElement);

        // Get the orderID test to put in confirmation
        String sentID = sentSE.getValue();

        // Create the confirmation message
        confirmation = messageFactory.createMessage();
        SOAPBody sb = message.getSOAPBody();

        QName newBodyName =
            new QName("", "confirmation", "Confirm");
        SOAPBodyElement confirm = sb.addBodyElement(newBodyName);

        // Create the orderID element for confirmation
        QName newOrderIDName = new QName("orderId");
        SOAPElement newOrderNo = confirm.addChildElement(newOrderIDName);

        // Create ship-date element
        QName shipDateName = new QName("ship-date");
        SOAPElement shipDate = confirm.addChildElement(shipDateName);

        // Create the shipping date
        Date today = new Date();
        long msPerDay = 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24;
        long msTarget = today.getTime();
        long msSum = msTarget + (msPerDay * 2);
        Date result = new Date();
        String sd = result.toString();


    } catch (Exception ex) {
    return confirmation;