Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Administration Guide

Application Server Configuration

TheSun Java System Application Server configuration is stored in the domain.xml file. The domain.xml is a document that represents the configuration state of the Application Server. It is the central repository for a given administrative domain. The document contains an XML representation of the Application Server domain model. The contents of domain.xml are governed by the specification expressed in the form of the domain DTD.

This section contains the following topics:

Changing Application Server Configuration

When making any of these configuration changes, restart the server for the changes to take effect:

For instructions, see Restarting the Domain.

With dynamic configuration, most changes take effect while the server is running. To make the following configuration changes, you do not need to restart the server:

Note that the asadmin reconfig command has been deprecated and is no longer necessary. Configuration changes are applied to the server dynamically.

Ports in the Application Server

The following table describes the port listeners of the Application Server.

Table 1–2 Application Server Listeners that Use Ports


Default Port Number  


Administrative server 



A domain’s administrative server is accessed by the Admin Console and the asadmin utility. For the Admin Console, specify the port number in the URL of the browser. When executing an asadmin command remotely, specify the port number with the --port option.



The Web server listens for HTTP requests on a port. To access deployed Web applications and services, clients connect to this port. 



Web applications configured for secure communications listen on a separate port. 



Remote clients of enterprise beans (EJB components) access the beans through the IIOP listener. 



Another port is used by the IIOP listener configured for secure communications. 

IIOP_MUTUALAUTH and mutual authentication 


Another port is used by the IIOP listener configured for mutual (client and server) authentication. 



Default JMX port.