Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo set the location of the transaction logs

The transaction log records the information about each transaction in order to maintain the data integrity of the resources involved and to recover from failures. Transaction logs are kept in the tx subdirectory of the directory specified by the Transaction Log Location field. These logs are not human readable.

  1. In the tree component, select the Configurations node.

  2. Select the instance to configure:

    • To configure a particular instance, select the instance’s config node. For example, the default instance, server, select the server-config node.

    • To configure the default settings for all instances, select the default-config node.

  3. Select the Transaction Service node.

  4. Enter the location of the transaction logs in the Transaction Log Location field.

    A tx subdirectory is created and transaction logs are kept under that directory.

    The default value is ${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}/logs. The ${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot} variable is the name of the instance, and is set when you start an Application Server instance. To see the value of ${com.sun.aas.instanceRoot}, click Actual Values.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Restart the Application Server.