Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Upgrade and Migration Guide

ProcedureTo Upgrade to Application Server 9.1 (Java ES Update 1)

If you have Application Server 8.x installed as part of Java ES 5 or Java ES 5 Update 1, you can use the following upgrade procedure to upgrade to Application Server 9.1, which is distributed with Java ES 5 Update 1 as an optional download.

Java ES 5 users can use the following procedure to upgrade from Application Server 8.x Enterprise Edition to Application Server 9.1

  1. Stop all instances, node agents, and domains running on Application Server 8.x.

  2. Start the Application Server 9.1 installer . For instructions on how to install Application Server 9.1, see Installing Application Server 9.1 in Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Installation Guide.

  3. For Solaris or Linux, choose the same installation directory as that of the Application Server 8.x installation. For Windows, choose a different installation directory and not the Application Server 8.x installation directory.

    The installer updates the required shared components. The installer also created a new domain (domain1) in as-install/appserver/domains/domain1on Solaris, as-install/domains/domain1 on Linux, and as-install\domains\domain1 on Windows.

  4. Start the Upgrade tool. When prompted for source , provide the 8.x domain directory. When prompted for the target, provide the 9.1 domains root directory.

    This tool is located in the as-install/appserver/bin directory on Solaris, as-install/bin directory on Linux, and as-install\bin directory on Windows.

    See Upgrading your Application Server for the syntax and usage of the Upgrade tool or asupgrade command.

    Note –

    Application Server 9.1 is not supported with Java ES 5 and needs the Java ES 5 Update 1 Portal Server. Portal Server for Java ES 5 Update 1 is not supported on Windows.