Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 High Availability Administration Guide

Setting Heterogeneous Device Paths

To set a different device path for each node or service, use the -- set option of hadbm create. There are four types of devices: the DataDevice, the NiLogDevice (node internal log device), the RelalgDevice (relational algebra query device), and the NoManDevice (node manager device). The syntax for each name =value pair is as follows, where -devno is required only if the device is DataDevice:


For example:

--set Node-0.DataDevice-0.DevicePath=/disk0,
Node-1.DataDevice-0.DevicePath=/disk 1

You can also set a heterogeneous path to history files, as follows:


For information on history files, see Clearing and Archiving History Files

Any device path that is not set for a particular node or device defaults to the --devicepath value.

Note –

Change device paths and location of history files using hadbm set and hadbm addnodes commands.