Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 High Availability Administration Guide

Restarting a Node

You might have to restart a node if you notice unusual behavior such as excessive CPU consumption.

To restart a node in the database, use the hadbm restartnode command. The command syntax is:

hadbm restartnode  
[--adminpassword=password | --adminpasswordfile=file]  

The dbname operand specifies the database name. The default is hadb.

The nodeno operand specifies the number of the node to restart. Use hadbm status to display the numbers of all nodes in a database.

The hadbm restartnode command has one special option, --startlevel (short form -l), that specifies the level at which to start the node. See Start level option for more information.

See General Options for a description of other command options. For more information, see hadbm-restartnode(1).

Example 3–8 Example of restarting a node

hadbm restartnode 1