Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 High Availability Administration Guide

Adding Storage Space to Existing Nodes

Add HADB storage space:

You may also want to add storage space to existing nodes if there is unused disk space on the nodes or when you add disk capacity. For information on the recommended data device size, see Specifying Device Size

To add storage space to nodes, use the hadbm set command to increase data device size.

The command syntax is:

hadbm set DataDeviceSize=size

where size is the data device size in MBytes.

See General Options for a description of command options.

Changing the data device size for a database in a FaultTolerant or higher state upgrades the system without loss of data or availability. The database remains in operational during the reconfiguration. Changing device size on a system that is not FaultTolerant or better causes loss of data. For more information about database states, see Database States.

Example 3–12 Example of setting data device size

The following command is an example of setting data device size:

hadbm set DataDeviceSize=1024