Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 High Availability Administration Guide

Starting a Node Agent

Before a node agent can manage server instances, it must be running. Start a node agent by running the asadmin command start-node-agent locally on the system where the node agent resides.

For a complete description of the command syntax, see the online help for the command.

For example:

asadmin start-node-agent --user admin --startinstances=false nodeagent1

where admin is your administration user, and nodeagent1 is the node agent being started.

By default, the cache repositories of node agent instances are not synchronized from the central repository when a node agent is restarted. To forcibly synchronize the instances' cache repositories with central repository, set the --syncinstances option to true in the asadmin start-node-agent command.

Note –

if you set the --syncinstances option to true, the repositories of all instances are synchronized when the node agent is restarted.

After restarting a node agent, use the asadmin start-instance command to start the server instance.