Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 High Availability Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure Server Instances in a Cluster

  1. In the tree component, expand the Clusters node.

  2. Expand the node for the cluster that contains the server instance.

  3. Select the server instance node.

  4. On the General Information page, you can:

    • Click Start Instance to start the instance.

    • Click Stop Instance to stop a running instance.

    • Click JNDI Browsing to browse the JNDI tree for a running instance.

    • Click View Log Files to open the server log viewer.

    • Click Rotate Log File to rotate the log file for the instance. This action schedules the log file for rotation. The actual rotation takes place the next time an entry is written to the log file.

    • Click Recover Transactions to recover incomplete transactions.

    • Click the Properties tab to modify the port numbers for the instance.

    • Click the Monitor tab to change monitoring properties.

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