Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Deployment Planning Guide

Message Queue and JMS Resources

The Sun Java System Message Queue (MQ) provides reliable, asynchronous messaging for distributed applications. MQ is an enterprise messaging system that implements the Java Message Service (JMS) standard. MQ provides messaging for J2EE application components such as message-driven beans (MDBs).

The Application Server implements the Java Message Service (JMS) API by integrating the Sun Java System Message Queue into the Application Server. The Enterprise Edition of the Application Server includes the Enterprise version of MQ which has failover, clustering and load balancing features.

For basic JMS administration tasks, use the Application Server Admin Console and asadmin command-line utility.

For advanced tasks, including administering a Message Queue cluster, use the tools provided in the install_dir/imq/bin directory. For details about administering Message Queue, see the Sun Java System Message Queue Administration Guide.

For information on deploying JMS applications and MQ clustering for message failover, see Planning Message Queue Broker Deployment.