Sun Java System Message Queue 4.1 Release Notes

Documentation Updates for Message Queue 4.1

Other than this Release Notes document, Message Queue 4.1 includes only one new document: Sun Java System Message Queue 4.1 Developer’s Guide for JMX Clients. This document was introduced with the 4.0 release of Message Queue. In the 4.1 version, conceptual information has been added that introduces the JMX model.

The Message Queue documentation that was published for Message Queue 3.6 SP3, 2005Q4, is up to date with respect to the needs of Application Server 9 PE clients. This documentation set is available at the following location.

Installation and Upgrade Information

The Sun Java System Message Queue 4.1 Installation Guide was updated to reflect platform-specific information. This document now contains installation and upgrade information relevant to Message Queue 4.1.

Administration Guide

The Administration Guide was updated to provide information about high availability clusters, JAAS support, and JMX support.

Developer's Guide for Java Clients

TheDeveloper’s Guide for Java Clients was updated to reflect the addition of client runtime logging support and of connection event notifications.

Developer’s Guide for C Clients

TheDeveloper’s Guide for C Clients was updated to reflect the addition of the MQGetDestinationName function, of the MQ_Message message type, and of fixed ports.