The WSIT Tutorial

STS Issued Token

This security mechanism protects messages using a token issued by a trusted Secure Token Service (STS) for message integrity and confidentiality protection.

An STS is a service that implements the protocol defined in the WS-Trust specification (you can find a link to this specification at This protocol defines message formats and message exchange patterns for issuing, renewing, canceling, and validating security tokens.

Service providers and consumers are in potentially different managed environments but use a single STS to establish a chain of trust. The service does not trust the client directly, but instead trusts tokens issued by a designated STS. In other words, the STS is taking on the role of a second service with which the client has to securely authenticate. The issued tokens contain a key, which is encrypted for the server and which is used for deriving new keys for signing and encrypting.

To use this mechanism for the web service, you simply select this option as your security mechanism. However, you must have a Security Token Service that can be referenced by the service. An example of an STS can be found in the section To Create and Secure the STS (STS). In this section, you select a security mechanism for the STS. The security configuration for the client-side of this application is dependent upon the security mechanism selected for the STS, and not on the security mechanism selected for the application. The client truststore must contain the certificate of the STS, which has the alias of wssip if you are using the updated GlassFish certificates.

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