The WSIT Tutorial

Security Technology

Until now, web services have relied on transport-based security such as SSL to provide point-to-point security. WSIT implements WS-Security so as to provide interoperable message content integrity and confidentiality, even when messages pass through intermediary nodes before reaching their destination endpoint. WS-Security as provided by WSIT is in addition to existing transport-level security, which may still be used.

WSIT also enhances security by implementing WS-Secure Conversation, which enables a consumer and provider to establish a shared security context when a multiple-message-exchange sequence is first initiated. Subsequent messages use derived session keys that increase the overall security while reducing the security processing overhead for each message.

Further, WSIT implements two additional features to improve security in web services:

WSIT implements these features in such a way as to ensure that web service binding security requirements, as defined in the WSDL file, can interoperate with and be consumed by WSIT and WCF endpoints.

For instructions on how to use the WS-Security technology, see Chapter 7, Using WSIT Security.