The WSIT Tutorial

ProcedureTo Specify an STS on the Service Side

This section discusses how to specify a Security Token Service that can be referenced by the service. On the service side, you select a security mechanism that includes STS in its title.

The STS itself is secured using a separate (non-STS) security mechanism. The security configuration of the client-side of this application is dependent upon the security mechanism selected for the STS, and not on the security mechanism selected for the application.

To specify an STS for the web service, follow these steps.

  1. Right-click the node for the web service you want to secure.

  2. Select Edit Web Service Attributes.

  3. Select Secure Service.

  4. Select a Security Mechanism that specifies STS from the list.

  5. Click Configure to specify the STS information.

  6. Type the Issuer Address and/or Issuer Metadata Address.

    When the Issuer Address and the Metadata values are the same, you only need to type the Issuer Address. For the example application, the Issuer Address would be http://localhost:8080/MySTSProject/MySTSService.

  7. Set the Algorithm Suite value so that the algorithm suite value of the service matches the algorithm suite value of the STS.