Sun Gathering Debug Data for Sun Java System Application Server

1.2 About This Technical Note

This document covers the following versions of Sun Java System Application Serveron the SolarisTM Operating System, HP-UX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows platforms:

You can use this document in all types of environments, including test, pre-production, and production. Verbose debugging is not used (to reduce performance impact), except when it is deemed necessary. At the same time, it is possible that the problem could disappear when you configure logging for debug mode. However, this is the minimum to understand the problem. In the majority of cases, the debug data described in this document is sufficient to analyze the problem.

This document does not provide workarounds, techniques, or tools to analyze debug data. It provides some troubleshooting, but you should not use this guide as an approach to troubleshooting Application Server problems.

If your problem does not conveniently fit into any of the specific categories, supply the general information described in 2.1 What Application Server Debug Data Should You Collect? and clearly explain your problem.

If the information you initially provide is not sufficient to find the root cause of the problem, Sun will ask for more details, as needed.

1.2.1 Prerequisites for Collecting Application Server Debug Data

The prerequisites for collecting debug data for Application Server are as follows:

1.2.2 Variables Used in This Technical Note

The following describes the variables used in the procedures in this document. Gather the values of the variables if you don't already know them before you try to do the procedures.

ProcedureTo Obtain the server-root Variable

    Use one of the following commands to obtain the value of the server-root variable for Application Server.


    pkgparam —v SUNWappserver


    rpm -q --qf '%{INSTALLPREFIX}' sun-application-server


    Look in the C:\windows\system32\appservregistry.inf file.