Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 Update 1 Installation Guide

Using the Installation Configuration File to Install in Silent Mode

After creating the configuration file, use it to install Application Server in silent mode as many times as needed. Use the following procedure:

ProcedureTo Install in Silent Mode

  1. Review the installation configuration file and verify that it contains the values to use for your silent installation.

  2. Copy your installation configuration file to each machine where you plan to install the software.

  3. Copy the Application Server distribution file to each machine where you plan to install the software.

  4. Navigate to the directory where you copied the distribution file and your installation configuration file.

  5. Start silent installation at the command line using one of the following command formats:

    • On Solaris or Linux:

      ./distribution_filename -silent configuration_filename

    • On Windows:

      distribution_filename -silent configuration_filename

    The installation program reads the specified configuration_filename, checks for adequate disk space, then installs the product based on the data in configuration_filename.

    When the prompt is returned, the silent installation is complete and the installation components are installed on your systems.

  6. Start the Application Server software by using the instructions in the .