Using the HTTP Binding Component

Adding an HTTP Template to a WSDL Document

In this example, you use the New WSDL Document wizard to generate HTTP extensibility elements.


The generated WSDL contains HTTP extensibility elements at the binding level, the binding operation level, the binding operation input level, and the port level. The binding level subtype is set to the binding subtype selected in step 4 of the New WSDL Document wizard.

Main Scenario

  1. A new WSDL document is created by right-clicking the project in the Project Explorer and selecting "New -> WSDL Document" from the pop-up menu. The New WSDL Document wizard appears.

  2. Follow steps 1-3 of the wizard to generate a new WSDL document.

  3. From step 4 of the wizard, select "HTTP" as the Binding Type. The available binding subtype options appear in the Binding Subtype field.

    Select an appropriate option:

    • Post Operation UrlEncoded

    • Post Operation UrlReplacement

    • Get Operation UrlEncoded

    • Get Operation UrlReplacement

  4. Click "Finish" to generate the WSDL document.