Using the HTTP Binding Component

SOAP 1.2 binding Element

The SOAP 1.2 extensibility elements, for binding abstract WSDL messages to SOAP 1.2 messages, fall into different sections or levels.

Each level signifies how the binding should occur:

Table 9 SOAP 1.2 binding Element Attributes



Required or Optional 



Indicates to which transport of SOAP this binding corresponds 



Indicates the default style of this particular SOAP binding 



The SOAP 1.2 binding element must be present when using the SOAP binding. The following example illustrates the use of the SOAP 1.2 binding element.

<wsdl:definitions ...>
    <wsdl:binding ...>
      <soap12:binding style="rpc|document" ? transport="xs:anyURI"wsdl:
required="xs:boolean" ? />

Note –

The code sample above was wrapped for display purposes.

The style attribute value is the default style attribute for each contained operation. If the style attribute is omitted, the value is assumed to be "document".

The value of the required transport attribute indicates the transport to use to deliver SOAP messages. The URI value corresponds to the HTTP binding in the SOAP specification. Other URIs may be used here to indicate other transports such as SMTP, FTP, and so forth.