Sun Cluster 3.1 Concepts Guide

Application Programmer Viewpoint

The SunPlex system provides data services for such applications as Oracle, NFS, DNS, SunTM ONE Web Server, Apache Web Server, and SunTM ONE Directory Server. Data services are created by configuring an off-the-shelf applications to run under control of the Sun Cluster software. The Sun Cluster software provides configuration files and management methods that start, stop, and monitor the applications. If you need to create a new failover or scalable service, you can use the SunPlex Application Programming Interface (API) and the Data Service Enabling Technologies API (DSET API) to develop the necessary configuration files and management methods that enable its application to run as a data service on the cluster.

Key Concepts for Application Programmers

Application programmers need to understand the following:

Suggested Application Programmer Conceptual References

The following sections contain material relevant to the preceding key concepts:

Relevant SunPlex Documentation for Application Programmers

The following SunPlex documents include procedures and information associated with the application programmer concepts: