Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Providing Process Management

The Resource Management API and the DSDL provide process management facilities to implement resource monitors and resource control callbacks. The RMAPI defines the following facilities (see the man pages for details on each of these commands and programs):

Process Monitor Facility: pmfadm and rpc.pmfd

The Process Monitor Facility (PMF), provides a means of monitoring processes and their descendants, and restarting them if they die. The facility consists of the pmfadm command for starting and controlling monitored processes, and the rpc.pmfd daemon.


A program for running a child program while holding a file lock. This command is convenient for use in shell scripts.


A program for running a child program under time-out control. This is a convenience command for use in shell scripts.

The DSDL provides the scds_hatimerun function to implement the hatimerun functionality.

The DSDL provides a set of functions (scds_pmf_*) to implement the PMF functionality. See PMF Functions for an overview of the DSDL PMF functionality and for a list of the individual functions.