Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

The RTR File

The Resource Type Registration (RTR) file is a very important component of a resource type. It specifies the details about the resource type to Sun Cluster. This includes information such as what properties are needed by the implementation, the data types of those properties, the default values of those properties, the file system path for the callback methods for the resource type implementation, and various settings for the system defined properties.

The sample RTR file shipped with the DSDL should suffice for most resource type implementations after editing some basic elements such as the resource type name and the pathname of the resource type callback methods. If a new property is needed to implement the resource type, programmers can declare it as an extension property in the Resource Type Registration (RTR) file of the resource type implementation, and then access the new property using the DSDL scds_get_ext_property() utility.