Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

The Stop Method

The Stop callback method of a resource type implementation is called by the RGM on a cluster node to stop the application. The callback semantics for the Stop method demands that

The DSDL utility scds_pmf_stop() should suffice for most applications as it first attempts to softly (via SIGTERM) stop the application (it assumes that it was started under PMF via scds_pmf_start()) followed by a delivering a SIGKILL to the process. See PMF Functions for details about this utility.

Following the model of the code we have been using so far, assuming that the application specific routine to stop the application is called svc_stop() (whether the implementation of svc_stop() uses the scds_pmf_stop() is besides the point here, and would depend upon whether or not the application was started under PMF via the Start method)) the Stop method can be implemented as

if (scds_initialize(&handle, argc, argv)!= SCHA_ERR_NOERR)
   return (1);   /* Initialization Error */
return (svc_stop(handle));

The svc_validate() method is not used in the implementation of the Stop method, because even if the system currently has a problem, the Stop method should attempt to STOP the application on this node.