Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

The Monitor_check Method

The Monitor_check callback method on a resource is invoked on a node for the specified resource to ascertain whether the cluster node is capable of mastering the resource (that is, can the application(s) being managed by the resource be run successfully on the node?). Typically this involves making sure that all the system resources needed by the application are indeed available on the cluster node. As discussed in The Validate Method, the routine svc_validate() implemented by the developer is intended to ascertain at least that.

Depending upon the specific application being managed by the resource type implementation, the Monitor_check method can be written to do some additional tasks. The Monitor_check method must be implemented so that it does not conflict with other methods running concurrently. For developers using the DSDL it is recommended that the Monitor_check method leverage the svc_validate() routine written for the purpose of implementing application specific validation of resource properties.