Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Using the Create Screen

The first step in creating a resource type is to fill out the Create screen, which appears when you launch Agent Builder. The following figure shows the Create screen after you enter information in the fields.

Figure 9–2 Create Screen

Dialog box that shows the create screen after information has been entered

The Create screen contains the following fields, radio buttons, and check box:

Note –

If the cc compiler is not in your $PATH, Agent Builder grays out the C option button and puts a check in the ksh button. To specify a different compiler, see the note at the end of Installing and Configuring Agent Builder.

After you have entered the required information, click the Create button. The Output Log at the bottom of the screen shows the actions that Agent Builder is taking. You can use the Save Output Log command in the Edit menu to save the information in the output log.

When finished, Agent Builder displays either a success message or a warning message that it was unable to complete this step, and you should check the output log for details.

If Agent Builder completes successfully, you can Click the Next button to bring up the Configure screen, which enables you to finish generating the resource type.

Note –

Although generation of a complete resource type is a two-step process, you can exit Agent Builder after completing the first step (create) without losing the information you have entered or the work that Agent Builder has completed (see Reusing Completed Work).