Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Utility Scripts and Man Pages

Once you have generated a resource type and installed its package on a cluster, you must still get an instance (resource) of the resource type running on a cluster, generally by using administrative commands or SunPlex Manager. However, as a convenience, Agent Builder generates a customized utility script for this purpose (the start script) as well as scripts for stopping and removing a resource of the target resource type. These three scripts, located in the install_directory/rt_name/util directory, do the following:

Note –

You can only use the remove script with a resource started by the corresponding start script because these scripts use internal conventions to name resources and resource groups.

Agent Builder names these scripts by appending the application name to the script names. For example, if the application name is ftp, the scripts are called startftp, stopftp, and removeftp.

Agent Builder provides man pages in the install_directory/rt_name/man/man1m directory for each of the utility scripts. You should read these man pages before you launch these scripts because they document the parameters you need to pass to the script.

To view these man pages, specify the path to this man directory using the -M option with the man command. For example, if SUNW is the vendor and ftp is the application name, use the following command to view the startftp(1M) man page:

man -M install_directory/SUNWftp/man startftp

The man page utility scripts are also available to the cluster administrator. When an Agent Builder-generated package is installed on a cluster, the man pages for the utility scripts are placed in the /opt/rt_name/man directory. For example, use the following command to view the startftp(1M) man page:

man -M /opt/SUNWftp/man startftp