Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Administrative Commands

The Sun Cluster commands for administering RGM objects are scrgadm(1M), scswitch(1M), and scstat(1M) -g.

The scrgadm command allows viewing, creating, configuring and deleting the resource type, resource group, and resource objects used by the RGM. The command is part of the administrative interface for the cluster, and is not to be used in the same programming context as the application interface described in the rest of this chapter. However, scrgadm is the tool for constructing the cluster configuration in which the API operates. Understanding the administrative interface sets the context for understanding the application interface. Refer to the scrgadm(1M) man page for details on the administrative tasks that can be performed by the command.

The scswitch command switches resource groups online and offline on specified nodes and enables or disables a resource or its monitor. See the scswitch(1M) man page for details on the administrative tasks that the command can perform.

The scstat -g command shows the current dynamic state of all resource groups and resources.