Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Resource Type Properties in the Sample RTR File

The sample RTR file begins with comments followed by resource type properties that define the HA-DNS configuration, as shown in the following listing.

# Copyright (c) 1998-2001 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
# All rights reserved.
# Registration information for Domain Name Service (DNS)

#pragma ident   “@(#)SUNW.sample   1.1   00/05/24 SMI”

RESOURCE_TYPE = “sample”;
RT_DESCRIPTION = “Domain Name Service on Sun Cluster”;

RT_VERSION =”1.0”; 
API_VERSION = 2;    


START         =   dns_svc_start;
STOP          =   dns_svc_stop;

VALIDATE      =   dns_validate;
UPDATE        =   dns_update;

MONITOR_START =   dns_monitor_start;
MONITOR_STOP  =   dns_monitor_stop;
MONITOR_CHECK =   dns_monitor_check;

Tip –

You must declare the Resource_type property as the first entry in the RTR file. Otherwise, registration of the resource type will fail.

Note –

The RGM treats property names as case insensitive. The convention for properties in Sun-supplied RTR files, with the exception of method names, is uppercase for the first letter of the name and lowercase for the rest of the name. Method names—as well as property attributes—contain all uppercase letters.

Some information about these properties follows.

Resource type properties not specified in this RTR file, such as Single_instance, Init_nodes, and Installed_nodes, get their default value. See Table A–1 for a complete list of the resource type properties, including their default values.

The cluster administrator cannot change the values specified for resource type properties in the RTR file.