Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Extension Properties in the RTR File

At the end of the sample RTR file are extension properties, as shown in the following listing

# Extension Properties

# The cluster administrator must set the value of this property to point to the 
# directory that contains the configuration files used by the application. 
# For this application, DNS, specify the path of the DNS configuration file on 
# PXFS (typically named.conf).
   PROPERTY = Confdir;
   DESCRIPTION = “The Configuration Directory Path”;

# Time out value in seconds before declaring the probe as failed.
        PROPERTY = Probe_timeout;
        DEFAULT = 120;
        DESCRIPTION = “Time out value for the probe (seconds)”;

The sample RTR file defines two extension properties, Confdir and Probe_timeout. Confdir specifies the path to the DNS configuration directory. This directory contains the in.named file, which DNS requires to operate successfully. The sample data service's Start and Validate methods use this property to verify that the configuration directory and the in.named file are accessible before starting DNS.

When the data service is configured, the Validate method verifies that the new directory is accessible.

The sample data services's PROBE method is not a Sun Cluster callback method but a user-defined method. Therefore Sun Cluster doesn't provide a Probe_timeout property for it. The developer has defined an extension property in the RTR file to allow a cluster administrator to configure a Probe_timeout value.