Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Analyzing The Application

Before using Agent Builder you must determine if your application meets the criteria to be made highly available or scalable. Agent Builder cannot perform this analysis, which is based solely on the runtime characteristics of the application. Analyzing the Application for Suitability provides detailed information on this topic.

Agent Builder may not always be able to create a complete resource type for your application, though in most cases Agent Builder provides at least a partial solution. For example, more sophisticated applications might require additional code that Agent Builder does not generate by default, such as code to add validation checks for additional properties or to tune parameters that Agent Builder does not expose. In these cases, you must make changes to the generated source code or to the RTR file. Agent Builder is designed to provide just this sort of flexibility.

Agent Builder places comments at certain points in the generated source code where you can add your own specific resource type code. After making changes to the source code, you can use the makefile that Agent Builder generates to recompile the source code and regenerate the resource type package.

Even if you write your entire resource type code without using any code generated by Agent Builder, you can leverage the makefile and structure that Agent Builder provides to create the Solaris package for your resource type.