Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Methods of Creating a Service Using GDS

There are 2 methods of creating a service that uses the GDS:

GDS and the SunPlex Agent Builder

Use the SunPlex Agent Builder and select GDS as the type of generated source code. The user input is used to generate a set of driving scripts that configure resources for the given application.

GDS and the Standard Sun Cluster Administration Commands

This method uses the precompiled data service code in SUNWscgds but requires that the system administrator use the standard Sun Cluster administration commands (scrgadm(1M) and scswitch(1M)) to create and configure the resource.

How to Select Which Method to Use to Create a GDS-Based Service

As shown in the procedures Standard Sun Cluster Administration Commands to Create a Highly Available Service Using GDS and Standard Sun Cluster Administration Commands to Create a Scalable Service Using GDS, a significant amount of typing is required to issue the appropriate scrgadm and scswitch commands.

Using the GDS with SunPlex Agent Builder simplifies the process because it generates the driving scripts that issue the scrgadm and scswitch commands for you.

When Is GDS Not Appropriate

While using the GDS has many advantages, there are instances when it is not appropriate to use the GDS. The GDS is not appropriate: