Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Resource Types

A resource type consists of a software application to be run on the cluster, control programs used as callback methods by the RGM to manage the application as a cluster resource, and a set of properties that form part of the static configuration of a cluster. The RGM uses resource type properties to manage resources of a particular type.

Note –

In addition to a software application, a resource type can represent other system resources such as network addresses.

The resource type developer specifies the properties for the resource type and sets their values in a resource type registration (RTR) file. The RTR file follows a well-defined format described in Setting Resource and Resource Type Properties and in the rt_reg(4) man page. See also Defining the Resource Type Registration File for a description of a sample resource type registration file.

Table A–1 provides a list of the resource type properties.

The cluster administrator installs and registers the resource type implementation and underlying application on a cluster. The registration procedure enters into the cluster configuration the information from the resource type registration file. The Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Installation and Configuration Guide describes the procedure for registering a data service.