Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Services Developer's Guide

Cluster Functions

These functions access or return information about a cluster.

scha_cluster_open(3HA), scha_cluster_get(3HA), and scha_cluster_close(3HA)

Together these functions access information about a cluster, such as node names, IDs, and states, cluster name, resource groups, and so on.

A single man page describes these three functions. You can access this man page through any of the individual functions, scha_cluster_open(3HA), scha_cluster_get(3HA), or scha_cluster_close(3HA)

A cluster can change—through reconfiguration or administrative action—after scha_cluster_open returns the cluster's handle, in which case the information scha_cluster_get obtains through the handle could be inaccurate. In cases of reconfiguration or administrative action on a cluster, the RGM returns the scha_err_seqid error code to scha_cluster_get to indicate information about the cluster might have changed. This is a non-fatal error message; the function returns successfully. You can choose to ignore the message and accept the returned information, or you can close the current handle and open a new handle to access information about the cluster.


Returns the number of the system log facility being used as the cluster log. Uses the returned value with the Solaris syslog(3) function to record events and status messages to the cluster log.


Returns the name of the cluster node on which the function is called.