Sun Cluster 3.1 Software Installation Guide

Mediators Overview

A mediator, or mediator host, is a cluster node that stores mediator data. Mediator data provides information on the location of other mediators and contains a commit count that is identical to the commit count stored in the database replicas. This commit count is used to confirm that the mediator data is in sync with the data in the database replicas.

Mediators are required for all Solstice DiskSuite/Solaris Volume Manager disksets configured with exactly two disk strings and two cluster nodes. A disk string consists of a disk enclosure, its physical disks, cables from the enclosure to the node(s), and the interface adapter cards. The use of mediators enables the Sun Cluster software to ensure that the most current data is presented in the instance of a single-string failure in a dual-string configuration. The following rules apply to dual-string configurations that use mediators.

These rules do not require that the entire cluster have exactly two nodes. Rather, they only require that those disksets that have two disk strings must be connected to exactly two nodes. An N+1 cluster and many other topologies are permitted under these rules.

How to Add Mediator Hosts

Perform this procedure if your configuration requires mediators.

  1. Become superuser on the node that currently masters the diskset you intend to add mediator hosts to.

  2. Run the metaset(1M) command to add each node with connectivity to the diskset as a mediator host for that diskset.

    # metaset -s setname -a -m mediator-host-list
    -s setname

    Specifies the diskset name


    Adds to the diskset

    -m mediator-host-list

    Specifies the name of the node to add as a mediator host for the diskset

    See the mediator(7D) man page for details about mediator-specific options to the metaset command.

  3. Check the status of mediator data.

    Go to How to Check the Status of Mediator Data.

Example—Adding Mediator Hosts

The following example adds the nodes phys-schost-1 and phys-schost-2 as mediator hosts for the diskset dg-schost-1. Both commands are run from the node phys-schost-1.

# metaset -s dg-schost-1 -a -m phys-schost-1
# metaset -s dg-schost-1 -a -m phys-schost-2