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Sun ONE Portal Server 6.2 Developer's Guide


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Chapter 1   Introduction to the APIs
What Is a Portal?
Desktop and Desktop Hierarchy
Display Profile
Search Engine
Software Services
Application Development
Software Architecture
Overview of the APIs
Desktop APIs
Search APIs
Authentication APIs
Portal Environment
Web Container
File System

Chapter 2   Using Provider API (PAPI)
Overview of the Provider API and Desktop Servlet
The Provider API
The DesktopServlet
Overview of Implementing a Custom Provider
Defining Specific Requirements and Functionality
Developing the Provider Class File
Creating XML Fragments for Display Profile
Installing the Provider

Chapter 3   Extending the Base Providers
Implementing the Provider Interface
Extending the ProviderAdapter Class
Extending the ProfileProviderAdapter Class
Example 1
Example 2
Extending the PropertiesFilter Class

Chapter 4   Using Leaf Providers
Invoking a JSP
Extending the JSPProvider
Deploying JSP Tags and Tag Libraries
Scraping Content from the URL
Extending the URLScraperProvider
Retrieving XML Content
Extending the XMLProvider

Chapter 5   Using the Container Providers
The ContainerProvider Architecture
Overview of the ContainerProviders
Creating a Custom ContainerProvider

Chapter 6   Developing and Deploying Portlets
What is a Portlet?
Overview of Developing and Deploying Portlets
Extending the GenericPortlet Abstract Class
Converting Providers to Portlets
Files Used by Portlets

Chapter 7   Using the SOIF API to Work with SOIF Objects
What is SOIF?
Using the SOIF API
An Introductory Example
Getting Search Server Database Contents as a SOIFStream
SOIF Structure
Attribute-Value Pair Routines
Multi-valued Attribute Routines
Stream Routines for Parsing and Printing SOIFs
Memory Buffer Management

Chapter 8   Search Engine Robot
Search Engine Robot Overview
How the Robot Works
Robot Configuration Files
The Filtering Process
Stages in the Filter Process
Robot Completion Scripts
Monitoring cmdHook Execution
Preparing Your Completion Script to Appear in the Administration Interface
Creating New Robot Application Functions
Robot Plug-in API Overview
The Robot Application Function Header Files
Writing Robot Application Functions
Compiling and Linking your Code
Loading Your Shared Object
Using your New Robot Application Functions

Chapter 9   Using the RDM API to Access the Search Engine and Database in C
What is an RDM?
RDM Format Syntax
About the RDM API
Example of Submitting a Query
Running the Example
API Reference
Finding the RDM Version
Creating and Freeing RDM Structures
Other RDM Structures

Chapter 10   Using Java to Access the Search Engine Database
The Search Engine Java SDK
Running the Sample Applications
To Install and Run the Search Demo Command Line Program
To Install and Run the Search Demo Applet
Using Java To Access the Search Server Database
Creating a Search Object
Executing A Query and Getting the Results
Using Java To Add Entries to the Search Engine Database

Chapter 11   Localizing Sun ONE Portal Server
Templates and JSPs
Desktop Templates
File Lookup Mechanism
Resource Bundles
File Naming Convention
File Installation Location
File Entries Format
Resource Bundle Access
Display Profile Properties
To Localize the User Information Channel
Localization Support in PAPI

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