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Sun ONE Identity Server 6.1 Migration Guide


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Chapter 1   Upgrading from Identity Server 6.0 to Identity Server 6.1
Before You Begin
Overview of Upgrade Tasks
Using the Pre-Upgrade Script
To Run the Pre-Upgrade Script
Installing Sun ONE Web Server 6.1
To Install Sun ONE Web Server 6.1
Installing Identity Server 6.1
To Install Identity Server 6.1
Using the Post-Upgrade Script
To Run the Post-Upgrade Script

Chapter 2   Upgrading from DSAME 5.1 to Identity Server 6.0
Overview of Procedures and Migration Scripts
Roadmap of Upgrading Tasks
Migration Scripts
Pre-Data Migration Tasks
Backing up the Existing Installation
Uninstalling DSAME 5.1
Installing Identity Server Schema
Installing Identity Server 6.0 on Directory Server 5.1
Data Migration Tasks
Migrating Schema Changes
Migrating DSAME 5.1 Policies
Migrating Authentication Entries
Migrating Services
Updating Authentication Entries to Identity Server 6.0
Updating Identity Server Console Service Entries to 6.0
Updating Policies to Identity Server 6.0
Post-Data Migration Tasks
(Optional) Enabling Federation Management
Miscellaneous 5.1-to-6.0 Modifications
Migrating Console Changes
Migrating Agents
Changes in Authentication Services
Authentication Service (Core) [amAuth.xml]
Authentication related attribute changes in User Service [amUser.xml]
Services in Identity Server 6.0
Name Changes to Attributes and Object Classes

Chapter 3   Configuring Identity Server with a Provisioned Directory
Overview of Installation & Configuration Tasks
Installing and Starting Identity Server 6.1
Post-Installation Configuration
MadisonParc Examples Used in This Chapter
Before You Begin
Migrating Pre-5.2 Versions of Directory Server
Backing Up Directory Server
Directory Server Access
Installing Identity Server User and Policy Management Services
Starting Identity Server and Logging In
To Start Identity Server
To Log into the Identity Server Console
Configuring the Directory Server
To Enable the Referential Integrity Plug-In
To Add Identity Server Indexes
Enabling User Management Services
Adding Identity Server Object Classes to Existing Directory Entries
Before You Begin
Utilities and Scripts You Can Use
Two Approaches to Modifying the Existing Directory Tree
Marking Organizations
Marking People Containers
Marking Organizational Units
Marking Users
Marking Static Groups
Marking Dynamic (Filtered) Groups
Marking Assignable Dynamic Groups
Marking Group Containers
Adding Custom Object Classes to Identity Server Schema
Modifying the Creation Templates
Adding Attributes to the Organization Schema
Adding Attributes to the User Schema
Loading Identity Server LDIF into Your Directory
Results of Identity Server and Directory Modifications


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