Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 Hardware Administration Manual for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Upgrade Transport Adapter Firmware

You might perform this procedure in the following scenarios:

Use this procedure to update transport adapter firmware.

  1. Determine the resource groups and the device groups that are running on the node. This node is the node on which you are upgrading transport adapter firmware.

    # scstat
  2. Migrate the resource groups and device groups off the node on which you plan to upgrade the firmware.

    # scswitch -S -h from-node
  3. Perform the firmware upgrade.

    For the procedure about how to upgrade your transport adapter firmware, see the patch documentation.

  4. Return the resource groups and device groups to their original node.

    # scswitch -z -g resource-group -h nodename
    # scswitch -z -D device-group -h nodename