Sun Cluster 3.0-3.1 With Sun StorEdge 3310 or 3320 SCSI RAID Array Manual

ProcedureHow to Unmap and Delete a LUN

Use this procedure to delete a LUN(s). See the Sun StorEdge 3000 Family RAID Firmware 4.1x User's Guide for the latest information about LUN administration.

Caution – Caution –

When you delete the LUN, you remove all data on that LUN.

Before You Begin

This procedure assumes that the cluster is online. A cluster is online if the RAID storage array is connected to the nodes and all nodes are powered on. This procedure also assumes that you plan to telnet to the RAID storage array perform this procedure.

  1. Identify the LUNs that you need to remove.

    # cfgadm -al
  2. Is the LUN a quorum device? This LUN is the LUN that you are removing.

    # scstat -q
    • If no, proceed to Step 3.

    • If yes, relocate that quorum device to another suitable RAID storage array.

      For procedures about how to add and remove quorum devices, see your Sun Cluster system administration documentation.

  3. Remove the LUN from disksets or disk groups.

    Run the appropriate Solstice DiskSuite/Solaris Volume Manager commands or VERITAS Volume Manager commands to remove the LUN from any diskset or disk group. For more information, see your Solstice DiskSuite/Solaris Volume Manager or VERITAS Volume Manager documentation. See the following paragraph for additional VERITAS Volume Manager commands that are required.

    Note –

    LUNs that were managed by VERITAS Volume Manager must be completely removed from VERITAS Volume Manager control before you can delete the LUNs from the Sun Cluster environment. After you delete the LUN from any disk group, use the following commands on both nodes to remove the LUN from VERITAS Volume Manager control.

    # vxdisk offline cNtXdY
    # vxdisk rm cNtXdY
  4. On both nodes, unconfigure the device that is associated with the LUN.

    # cfgadm -c unconfigure cx::dsk/cxtydz
  5. Unmap the LUN from both host channels.

    For the procedure about how to unmap a LUN, see the Sun StorEdge 3000 Family RAID Firmware 4.1x User's Guide.

  6. Delete the logical drive.

    For more information, see the Sun StorEdge 3000 Family RAID Firmware 4.1x User's Guide.

  7. On both nodes, remove the paths to the LUN that you are deleting.

    # devfsadm -C
  8. On both nodes, remove all obsolete device IDs (DIDs).

    # scdidadm -C
  9. If no other LUN is assigned to the target and LUN ID, remove the LUN entries from /kernel/drv/sd.conf file.

    Perform this step on both nodes to prevent extended boot time caused by unassigned LUN entries.

    Note –

    Do not remove the default cXtXdX entries.