Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Service for SAP liveCache

How to Install and Configure liveCache

Use this procedure to install and configure liveCache.

  1. Install and configure SAP APO System.

    See Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Service for SAP for the procedures on how to install and configure SAP APO System on Sun Cluster software.

  2. Install liveCache.

    Note –

    Install liveCache by using the physical hostname if you have not already created the required logical host.

    For more information, see your SAP documentation.

  3. Create the .XUSER.62 file for the SAP APO administrator user and the liveCache administrator user by using the following command.

    # dbmcli -d LC-NAME -n logical-hostname -us user,passwd

    Uppercase name of liveCache database instance


    Logical hostname that is used with the liveCache resource

    Caution – Caution –

    Neither SAP APO transaction LC10 nor Sun Cluster HA for SAP liveCache functions properly if you do not create this file correctly.

  4. Copy /usr/spool/sql from the node, on which you installed liveCache, to all the nodes that will run the liveCache resource. Ensure that the ownership of these files is the same on all node as it is on the node on which you installed liveCache.


    # tar cfB - /usr/spool/sql | rsh phys-schost-1 tar xfB -