Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Service for SAP liveCache

SAP xserver Fault Monitor

The SAP xserver parent process is under the control of process monitor pmfadm. If the parent process is stopped or killed, the process monitor contacts the SAP xserver Fault Monitor, and the SAP xserver Fault Monitor decides what action must be taken.

The SAP xserver Fault Monitor performs the following steps in a loop.

  1. Sleeps for Thorough_probe_interval.

  2. Uses the SAP utility dbmcli with db_enum to check SAP xserver availability.

    • If SAP xserver is unavailable, SAP xserver probe restarts or fails over the SAP xserver resource if it reaches the maximum number of restarts.

    • If any system error messages are logged in syslog during the checking process, the SAP xserver probe concludes that a partial failure has occurred. If the system error messages logged in syslog occur four times within the probe_interval, SAP xserver probe restarts SAP xserver.