Sun Cluster 3.1 Data Service for BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise

Example Two – Administration Commands

This example lists some common administration commands that you might wish to run.

(Check the status of the resource groups.)
phys-schost-1:> scstat -g

(Note: All of the BroadVision Interaction Manager 1, root host, and back-end 
processes should run on phys-schost-1. Interaction Manager 2 processes must run 
on phys-schost-2.)

(Test failover. Switch the root-host-resource-group and the 
back-end-resource-group to another node.)
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -z -g root-host-resource-group -h phys-schost-2
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -z -g back-end-resource-group -h phys-schost-2

(Note: All of the BroadVision root host and back-end processes should now run 
on phys-schost-2.)

(Because the Maximum and Desired primaries are set to 2, the Interaction Manager 
runs on the two cluster nodes. Shut down Interaction Manager 2, which runs on 
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -z -g im-resource-group -h phys-schost-1

(Shut down all of the resource groups.)
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -F -g root-host-resource-group
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -F -g back-end-resource-group
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -F -g im-resource-group

(Remove and disable all of the BroadVision resources and resource groups.)
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -n -j root-host-resource
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -n -j back-end-resource
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -n -j im-resource
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -n -j schost-1
phys-schost-1:> scswitch -n -j schost-2
phys-schost-1:> scrgadm -r -j root-host-resource
phys-schost-1:> scrgadm -r -j back-end-resource
phys-schost-1:> scrgadm -r -j im-resource
phys-schost-1:> scrgadm -r -j schost-1
phys-schost-1:> scrgadm -r -j schost-2
phys-schost-1:> scrgadm -r -j root-host-resource-group
phys-schost-1:> scrgadm -r -j back-end-resource-group
phys-schost-1:> scrgadm -r -j im-resource-group

(Remove the resource type.)
phys-schost-1:> scrgadm -r -t