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Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning White Paper 


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Chapter 1   Introduction to Deployment Planning
About Java Enterprise System
Java Enterprise System Suites of Services
Advantages of Java Enterprise System
About Deployment Planning
Business Analysis Phase
Technical Requirements Phase
Logical Design Phase
Deployment Design Phase
Implementation Phase

Chapter 2   Business Analysis
Business Requirements
Business Constraints
Incremental Approach to Deployment

Chapter 3   Technical Requirements
Usage Analysis
Use Cases
System Requirements
Fault Tolerant Systems
Sun Cluster 3.1 4/04
Prioritizing Availability of Services
Latent Capacity
Security Requirements
Identity Management
Serviceability Requirements
Service Level Requirements

Chapter 4   Designing the Logical Architecture
Deployment Planning Example
Java Enterprise System Services
Logical Architecture for the Example Deployment
Data Flow for the Example Deployment
Deployment Scenario

Chapter 5   Designing a Deployment Architecture
Sizing a Planned Deployment
Sizing for Performance
Determine Baseline CPU Estimate for User Entry Points
Adjust CPU Estimates for Service Dependencies
Adjust CPU Estimates for Latent Capacity, Scalability, and Availability
Sizing for Security
Calculating Performance for Secure Transactions
Specialized Hardware to Handle SSL Transactions
Sizing for Availability
Directory Design for Complex Systems
Hardware and Software Failures
General Approaches to Availability
Availability Design for Sample Deployment
Serviceability Issues
Sizing for Scalability
Latent Capacity
Upgrading the Capacity of a System
Optimizing Resources
Risk Management
Managing Resources
Example Deployment Architecture
Detailed Design Specification

Chapter 6   Implementing a Deployment Design
Developing Pilots and Prototypes
Testing Pilot and Prototype Deployments
Rolling Out a Production Deployment

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