Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

Listing and Clearing Breakpoints

Often, you set more than one breakpoint or trace handler during a debugging session. dbx supports commands for listing and clearing them.

Listing Breakpoints and Traces

To display a list of all active breakpoints, use the status command to display ID numbers in parentheses, which can then be used by other commands.

dbx reports multiple breakpoints set with the inmember, inclass, and infunction keywords as a single set of breakpoints with one status ID number.

Deleting Specific Breakpoints Using Handler ID Numbers

When you list breakpoints using the status command, dbx displays the ID number assigned to each breakpoint when it was created. Using the delete command, you can remove breakpoints by ID number, or use the keyword all to remove all breakpoints currently set anywhere in the program.

To delete breakpoints by ID number (in this case 3 and 5), type:

(dbx) delete 3 5

To delete all breakpoints set in the program currently loaded in dbx, type:

(dbx) delete all

For more information, see delete Command.