Sun Studio 12: Debugging a Program With dbx

whereis name Command

Use the whereis command to print a list of all occurrences of function or class instantiations for a function or class template.

For a class template:

(dbx) whereis Array
member function: `Array<int>::Array(int)
member function: `Array<double>::Array(int)
class template instance: `Array<int>
class template instance: `Array<double>
class template: `a.out``Array

For a function template:

(dbx) whereis square
function template instance: `square<int>(__type_0,__type_0*)
function template instance: `square<double>(__type_0,__type_0*)

The __type_0 parameter refers to the 0th template parameter. A __type_1 would refer to the next template parameter.

For more information, see whereis Command.